Making the Most of Your Money

Posted by on 1 August 2020

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How do you know your school is maximising its financial resources?

  • How do you know your Board of Trustees is secure from the risk of fraud?
  • How well are your cash flow and investment monies managed?
  • How comprehensive is the preparation, monitoring and review of budgets?

Recent financial reviews of a secondary and primary school carried out by an Ahead Associates contractor has provided each board with sound recommendations resulting in major savings, improved systems, full financial reporting to the board and a major reduction in risk to the school.

This review will assess for the board the quality of the following:

  • Management of income
  • Investment planning
  • Preparation and monitoring of budgets
  • Budget reviews
  • Management of the SUE Report to ensure the board has maximised their teacher salaries grant
  • Asset register management
  • Accurate monthly analysis and monitoring of the financial position
  • Financial position systems and reporting
  • Financial policies and procedures

We also can provide boards with ongoing training for staff in financial systems and monitoring and support of the principal with school financial management systems and reporting.

Ahead Associates has sound experience and understanding of administration and financial systems and the obligations and reporting required for school Boards of Trustees, both in primary and secondary schools. This experience has been gained in both state and integrated systems.