Developing a High Performing Team

Posted by on 28 February 2020

A high performing, well-functioning senior leadership team is critical to the success of a school and can contribute to raising student achievement.  Even if a school faces challenging distractions, a senior leadership team can help a staff remain unified and focused on what is important – the students.  Taking time to reflect on our individual leadership ability and the role we fulfill in a senior leadership team is very worthwhile.

This workshop provides an opportunity to identify the characteristics of a high performing team as well as the challenges that face a senior leadership team.

In the workshop, we identify strategies to help us make effective decisions and reflect on the personal challenges that team members often experience: What is the nature of the problems requiring resolution? What are the major critical changes that I must lead? Who are my key colleagues and how can I make the most of their expertise? What are the inherent vulnerabilities of my role?[i] What should I be doing differently? 

[i] The Healthy Organization; A Revolutionary Approach to People and Management 2dn Ed. BJ Dive,  Kogan Page 2004