New School

Posted by on 31 August 2019

Our Ahead Associate based in Sydney Australia, led the start-up process of a large independent school in Virginia, USA which opened its doors to a foundation faculty and staff and an initial enrolment of 900 children in August, 2016.  The project involved a 15 month planning phase including liaising with architects, builders, key sub-contractors and the client to finish some 32,000 m2 of state of the art buildings and furnish and equip it.

The planning involved the development of a STEM curriculum along with teaching resources for a school with a strong commitment to project-based learning.  One of  our New Zealand Directors and an associate were  involved in personnel  decisions in the school. 

The recruitment of a faculty and staff of some 150 persons including a leadership team capable of establishing a school designed around 14 Learning Communities was undertaken along with a global search for a bilingual Arabic/English faculty with the capacity for teaching in a highly collaborative environment.  An extensive program of faculty preparation was devised and implemented to ensure the pedagogic practices throughout the school met the client’s requirements for a very contemporary, student-centred approach to teaching and learning in a bilingual environment.

The client, a foreign country catering for its large US-based community, instituted a governance structure under the guidance of Ahead Associates to ensure appropriate accountabilities around the appropriate religious traditions and culture and fiscal and governance over-sight of its assets and reputation.