Principal Appointment

Posted by on 30 June 2020

We work with boards to ensure that their most important decision, that of appointing a principal, is the right one. If the best possible decision is not made, the impact on staff and team-building, on standards (academic and pastoral), on goal achievement and on organisational culture can be disastrous. We offer a comprehensive recruitment and selection service. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with boards in any way that supports their processes.  One option is for Ahead Associates Ltd to work with the board in managing the whole appointment process, including key documentation, advertising and personnel search through reference checking and interviews to final appointment. Alternatively, we are able to offer specialist services such as psychometric profiling, reference checkingand coaching on interviewing skills.

Case Study

After the board had accepted an offer of service from an Ahead Associates Ltd consultant, the following steps were initiated and implemented:

  • Establishment of a realistic timeline for the appointment process
  • Preparation of all documentation
  • Advertising and personnel search
  • Handling of inquiries and receipt of applications
  • Reference checking
  • Preparation for short-listing and full board interviews
  • Managing and supporting the interview processes
  • Drafting of letter of appointment, etc
  • Return of unsuccessful applications and confidential material.

There are significant in advantages in having the whole process managed independently of the school administration.  Exploratory and follow up inquiries can be handled objectively and in full confidence.  The Board’s and any appointment subcommittee’s attention can be given fully to the key decisions to be made at each stage of the appointment process, rather than to administrative details.  

Ahead Associates Ltd consultants are able to draw on extensive experience, having worked with many boards on the appointment of principals.