Senior Leadership Team Review

Posted by on 30 June 2018

Ahead Associates was invited to review the structure, roles and responsibilities of a senior leadership team, to determine whether changes to the structure could more effectively meet the needs of the school in the future and to identify new solutions to the challenges present within the team.

At Ahead Associates we are aware that while most schools operate harmoniously most of the time, structures and systems within the school need to be designed to accommodate new initiatives, sustain regular, purposeful lines of communication and mobilise leadership expertise.  This becomes critical when schools face issues around change management, changes to personnel and challenging distractions.

The assignment involved discussions with the senior leadership team as a whole and interviews with key personnel.   We found that there was some role confusion and lack of decision-making accountability[1]and in some instances, key responsibilities were delegated too far down the school, resulting in strategic work being neglected.

Our recommendations included establishing a new structure to better meet the demands on senior leaders and enhance outcomes for teachers.

We also recommended ways to:

  • Efficiently and equitably determine and assign roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure clarity around roles and responsibilities to avoid confusion
  • Embed decision-making accountability
  • Enhance educational outcomes for students by ensuring that senior leaders, the school’s most experienced educators, work with teachers at an instructional level  
  • Move relationships within the senior leadership team through to a greater maturity by creating ways to handle conflict effectively
  • Implement distributed leadership principles, to grow leadership capability

The restructure of the senior leadership team freed up senior leaders to keep teachers abreast of current research around professional learning, resolve problems of practice and  most importantly, continue to provide students with every opportunity to excel.

The school is well placed to provide for a growing roll and increased demands for the delivery of an innovative learning curriculum, leading to continued educational success.

[1]The Healthy Organization; A Revolutionary Approach to People and Management 2dn Ed. BJ Dive,  Kogan Page 2004