Review of a Secondary School’s Administration Structure

Posted by on 30 May 2020

Ahead Associates was invited to review the structure and positions in a secondary school’s administration department.  The Board of Trustees and the principal were aware that the administration department did not seem to be able to provide accurate timely information and that there were tensions among the staff. 

Working to a very clear brief one of the Ahead Associates directors and an associate carried out the assignment which included interviews with all the administration staff, the principal and the chairman of the Board of Trustees.  A survey was sent to a random selection of the teaching staff inviting them to rate and comment on the service provided by the administration department. 

We found that many aspects of the administration department were working well; we also found that some of the finance systems needed upgrading; Banking Staffing was not being implemented to gain maximum savings, nor were the budgeting and financial systems adequate. We were able to make a number of recommendations where savings could be made in various areas including that of grounds and property maintenance. .

Some roles were far too big for one person to handle while other roles were light and we made recommendations as how these could be better structured including the addition of a new role.  Management of administration staff required a person who had the necessary skills to deal with the divisions within the staff and to bring about a cohesive, well-functioning team.

The Board of Trustees and the principal were appreciative that Ahead Associates had been able to show how they could bring improvements to the administration department which would result in not only greater efficiencies but savings too. 

Our latest assignments include:

  • Review of support staff (teacher aides) and administration staff in a secondary school
  • The review of the organisational culture in a secondary school
  • Acting as advisor to boards of  both primary and secondary school in the appointment of a principal – the most important decision that the board makes.
  • Appraisals of principals and management teams
  • Mentoring principals
  • Friend of the School for ERO reviews
  • Review of the structure of a senior management team