Assisting boards on matters of governance

There is a general understanding of the governance role of a school board.  In most schools, the distinction between governance and management roles and responsibilities is understood and respected.  However, at times the distinction is less clear and issues can arise which test the board’s internal working relationships and the way it relates to different stakeholders.  Sometimes these challenges result from deeply held contrasting views.  At other times, they may reflect deeper problems in a board’s own structure or procedures.

In State and Integrated schools, the Ministry of Education intervenes formally when issues are seen to be compromising student learning.  However, boards are usually well able to recognise problems before such formal interventions have to be made. 

Ahead Associates is able to help boards with quality independent advice based on the successful experience of our consultants in many different kinds of schools.  Such advice may range from working to solve specific governance problems to systematic review of the board’s structure and working relationships.  It includes the ability to resolve tensions and differences within boards and between governance and management.

Some boards also find it helpful to call on Ahead Associates to provide a mentoring or resource role because of our impartiality.