Project Management

Our approach to any work we undertake is to use robust project management disciplines to ensure we deliver results that add value to organisations. Our project management approach ensures we accurately understand an assignment from the outset and manage it through to completion. In addition to our ongoing liaison with you, regular reporting (formal or informal) is used to communicate our progress and ensure we are on track to exceed expectations.


Organisational Issues

We understand the issues faced by educational organisations. Our approach is customised to work within the constraints and complexities of these environments, as shown below.



Highly political organisations whose stakeholders can have divergent views

We are sensitive to highly politicised environments. We maintain rigorous confidentiality at all times, and customise our reporting mechanisms to suit particular contexts.


Transparent processes and rigorous professional standards are as important to us as they are to you.  

Complex compliance and regulatory issues

We know the requirements and the pitfalls if policies and processes are not robust. We are alert to these issues and provide solutions.

Resource constraints — organisations can be short on both time and financial resources

We work within your timeframe, and scope our contract in line with your budget.

Broader issues — these can surface in unexpected ways

As part of our approach to working with organisations, when we identify unrelated issues we tell you what we have learnt.

Results orientation

We are able to analyse results and provide plans for improvement.