Change Management

Schools are complex organisations frequently depending on established routines for cohesion and a sense of common purpose.  Bringing about significant change in schools is a challenging process, as it is in any setting where changes of attitude and practice are called for.  People are at the heart of any educational change process. There is often a sense of impatience and a wish for instant solutions to identified problems or issues.  Some changes can happen quite quickly but major changes, such as curriculum or pastoral care restructuring, need careful planning and implementation within realistic timeframes, often a year or more.  Changes of role and practice call for changes in culture, accountability and support.

There is abundant research and experience to prove that deep and lasting educational change needs to be carefully managed.  Some principals are highly effective change managers; often, however, implementing and managing major change is more effectively facilitated with independent advice.  An experienced consultant is able to bring an objective view and the experience of managing or observing comparable change elsewhere. For a Principal and Board, an independent consultant is able to take a larger view and help identify issues and opportunities with fresh eyes.